School Resource Officer

Developed to help officers going into the school assignment, and others interested in the concept, to understand what really goes on in schools and in dealing with students. Most people have no idea what a school resource officer does, or of the ever-changing problems he faces. In schools you may face a greater variety of crimes than you faceYou are aware of all the recent violence in schools. You see the reports in newspapers and on television and hear about them over the radio. A fact you need to learn now is that this has been an ongoing problem in schools. Not that there has been an ongoing situation with these sensationalized shootings over the long term, but there have been serious problems. In the school year 1996-1997 the following crimes were reported from schools across the United States:
187,890 fights without weapons
115,500 crimes of larceny or theft
98,490 acts of vandalism
10,950 fights with weapons
7,150 acts of robbery
4,170 instances of rape or sexual battery too many deaths.

Course Outline

Lesson 1 Definition And Duties
Lesson 2 How Are Students Affected By School Violence
Lesson 3 What Are The Causes Of Violence In Schools
Lesson 4 The Drug Culture At School
Lesson 5 Drugs Of Abuse
Lesson 6 Special Education Issues
Lesson 7 School Safety Issues
Lesson 8 Crime Prevention
Lesson 9 Planning For Emergency Management
Lesson 10 Search And Seizure:Regarding Schools
Lesson 11 Student Counseling
Lesson 12 Child Abuse
Lesson 13 Protective Custody
Lesson 14 Gangs
Lesson 15 Checklist
Lesson 16Review


Required Texts


What Is Going On In Our Schools? by Jeffrey Wayne Bailey
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An examination of crime in our schools. Statistics are provided so that one may actually look at the crimes in their classifications broken into vicrtim's ages, gender, types of crimes, and size of schools. School related deaths are examined by statistics and are also listed by state.


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About The Instructor

Jeffrey Bailey

Jeffrey Bailey has over twenty-three years of law enforcement experience and is currently employed as a Deputy Sheriff with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department in Birmingham, AL. Current assignment is with the School Resources Division as a School Resource Officer and D.A.R.E. instructor. He has been an APOST certified academy instructor since 1983, and is a member of the American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers. Training experience also includes designing programs for several different departments as well as being the former director of law enforcement related studies at a local college. While working with the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences as a Forensic Investigator, he graduated from the St. Louis School of Medicine's Medicolegal Death Investigator course. He has certifications in varied disciplines.


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