How OPA Works



Distance Learning is a well tested and recognized method for many subjects suitable to classroom presentation. The OPA concept developed among a group of police trainers on CompuServe's Law Enforcement Forum when training was suddenly required and there were no instructors qualified to teach the particular subject. OPA couples proven techniques of correspondence education with the speed and efficiency of telecommunications.


31.jpgOPA is designed to be as fluid as personal lecture. As students ask questions of and comment to their instructors, the instructor updates his or her presentation. Since all course manuals are printed only as they are needed, you are assured of getting the most recent version of the course.

OPA is real and serious education Your instructor is a recognized expert in his field. He or she conducts courses in resident universities, professional training companies, state certified police academies, or is a department training officer. Backgrounds on Faculty members.

These correspondence courses may be started at any time but must be completed within one year of your acceptance date. There is no time limit for registration. You may register so long as the course is active in the online academy catalog of offerings.


While OPA courses are conducted by recognized or state-certified instructors, they do not confer college credits or Continuing Education Units. It is your responsibility to file a copy of the certificate with your state agency to seek its addition to your training record.

You should understand these programs may not even be recognized under the laws and regulations of your state and state training council. Each state has different requirements and only your state has the authority to grant such certification. The aim of these programs is to provide you with ideas and perspectives of the subjects covered.  Our courses will not transfer to any other institution and taking our courses will not certify you as a peace officer or law enforcement officer.

To Register

The OPA Catalog page provides a full description of the courses offered, including a link to an online registration form and payment instructions. Tuition for all courses is $15. Your registration is usually processed the same day, although in some cases it could take up to two days. When your registration is complete you are sent information to access your course online. (Some courses are published to the web, while others are downloaded as PDF files.

As you complete the course work, you may question the instructor by e-mail.

When you complete all of the lessons successfully, you will be instructed how to notify your instructor, at which time you will receive the final test by e-mail. The guidelines for completing your final test vary with each course.

Your instructor might need to schedule an online conference or chat in a secured area of the OPA site.


Refund Policy

Online Police Academy courses are taught by qualified instructors who prepare the educational materials that we provide. If you are not completely satisfied with your course, you may cancel within 14 days of receipt and receive 100% of your tuition.