Basic Police Leadership


This is a course for those who wish to learn the basics of how to become a successful police supervisor and leader at the ranks of police sergeant or lieutenant. Basic police academy prepares you to become a police officer. That's not the same as becoming a police supervisor. While many progressive police departments do train newly promoted sergeants, only seven states require a minimum level of training for police supervisors. In light of the pressures put upon supervisors and the scrutiny they endure after a critical or high profile incident, it is imperative that newly promoted supervisors get all the help they can. This course can help.


About The Instructor
Roger V. Fulton


Retired Capt, New York State Police. Holds Ph.D. in Criminal Justice Management from LaSalle University. Graduate FBI National Academy, 139th Session. Author of Common Sense Supervision, Common Sense Leadership, and Practical Police Management. Columnist for Law Enforcement Technology. Founder of the Police Writers Club.



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