Welcome to the Online Police Academy

For over ten years the Online Police Academy has provided America’s law enforcement professionals with authoritative and engaging distance learning opportunities -- from “Perspectives on Terrorism” to “Violence on School Campuses”. Featuring courses written by recognized experts in their field, each of our distinguished instructors either conducts courses in resident universities, professional training facilities, state certified police academies, or is in a department training office.


A Brief History

Formerly a division of the Smith & Wesson Academy, the ONLINE POLICE ACADEMY was originally founded by Bill Clede. When management at S&W de-emphasized training, Bill started looking for a new home for OPA. This search took on an urgency when Bill became terminally ill.

A longtime member of AAPO, Bill turned to our organization which was already in the process of developing web-based training courses. It was a natural for our organization to assume the operation of this important educational resource for law enforcement officers.

Specialized Skills & Knowledge

”The world is changing rapidly and law enforcement is no exception," said David Dierks, Executive Officer. “There, however, an 'old school' wisdom in Bill's body of work that is timeless. Indeed, the wisdom of law enforcement professionals is at the core of all our programming."

(While OPA courses are conducted by recognized or state-certified instructors, at this time they do not confer college credits or Continuing Education Units. It is your responsibility to file a copy of the certificate with your state agency to seek its addition to your training record. Our courses will not certify you as a police officer or prepare your for any certification tests. To become a police officer you will have to attend a certified training academy in your state.)